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Introducing Unity Games by Tutorials!

For the past six months, we’ve been working on a top-secret book project: Unity Games by Tutorials. Today, we are happy to announce that the first 8 chapters of the book are available now. These chapters teach you how to make a twin-stick shooter called Bobblehead Wars. See for yourself below: Trust me, all the […]

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Looking forward to seeing a detailed description of an alternative to Spritekit.

Looks Great. Looking forward to the 2D platformer section. I’m looking at building out a Platformer/RPG hybrid for a project.

Looking forward to learn Unity in a fast and clean way, just like other “by Tutorials”-books. Theory and practice in nice combination

I’m looking forward to practical instruction and a clear overview of the structure of games made with Unity.

totally like this book of Unity 3D!

I’m really looking forward to reading this book. I have been hoping you all would do a Unity book for a while now! This book will greatly increase my knowledge of Unity game development!

It looks really great! I am looking forward to book that gives decent introduction into Unity, explains both 2D and 3D concepts and moves to intermediate topics through building small but complex example projects. It seems that Unity Games by Tutorials have all of this.

Looking forward to seeing focus on the VR World!

I am looking forward the VR stuff. That makes me excited. VR is the future and I will add something to the future with help of this awesome book.

Thanks for the book, guys! Can’t wait to dig in! The books and tutorials are always amazing!

Looking forward to 2D games in Unity section!! I want to develop “Ray & team in Space” game! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to come back to the language I started programming with, this time, building games!! WOW

Im an intern as a Unity Developer right now and I am looking forward to keep learning by reading each and every chapter of this book.

Looking forward to learning a clear and well structured way to develop 2d unity games

Will be good to see more info about creating and exporting 3D models and textures to the Unity and more info about Unity programming on C#.

Looking forward to the VR Chapter.

it will be wonderful for someone like very beginner. I am looking forward to learn new things.

looking forward to some special chapter about freemium games, how to use asset bundles to download content from a server, and how to use InApp purchases within the game

Wow! Looks pretty solid! New game book every year, it going to be a good tradition :wink:
You already said about “Why Unity?” - it’s cross-platform and have good visual editor) You didn’t noticed about consoles too, but I hope the book will include at least one chapter about making a game with console controls! Hope it will be in the Bonus chapter mentioned above :grinning: