Interface Builder Issues Xcode 8 with TableViewControllers

Ive been having some issues with the new xcode 8 in interface builder with Tables. If i create a table with a prototype cell, i cant seem to drag and drop labels or anything into the cells. I have to drag them over to the outline then use the size inspector to move them. If i try to select the label or textfield then it will select the tableview section instead. If i select the label from the outline, it selects and i can only resize it, i cant move it or it tries to reorder the tableview sections. Any ideas how to fix this? It’s quite frustrating!

@oochr1soo Thanks very much for your question, and I apologize for the late reply. Is your UITableView inside of a ViewController when you do this? Do you have an image or screen shot to show us what you’re having difficulty with?