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Instruments Tutorial with Swift: Getting Started

Learn how to use Instruments to check for performance issues, memory issues, reference cycles, and more!

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Hi, is a pity but, the downloaded code does not compile

@arcioneo I took Frosty’s starter project and updated it to the current version of Swift (Swift 2.2) — GitHub - brianhill/instruments-swift-starter: Update of the Ray Wenderlich InstrumentsSwift-Starter project to Swift 2.2 and Xcode 7.3. — it compiles and runs without errors or warnings. [Frosty, email brian at lingerhere.org if you want the repo taken down.]

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You’re right, downloading it from the url you posted works, thanks a lot.

Much, much appreciated, Brian!!!


Please update syntax errors for swift 2.2 or 3.0 (better). although the compile time errors can be done fixed manually after converting to ‘latest swift syntax’

Updated starter project (Swift 2.3)


great tutorial, thanks!

Updated to Swift 3.

Using Swift 3.0, and I didn’t see a line called ImageIO_jpeg_Data when doing the unbounded growth section. Instead it is under < non-object >.

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We need a updated version of this tutorial.