In iOS: Can my app launch another app and get a response/acknowledgement back?

In iOS, is there anyway i can launch another app to do something and then get a response back saying that it’s done.

For example: My iOS app APP A launches another app APP B (e.g. Google Pay) to make a payment and then after the payment is made, I would like APP A to receive a response/callback/acknowledgement saying its done.

By the way, I’m having zero trouble getting APP A to launch APP B via UIApplication.Shared.Open(…)

** In android we use Android Intent to launch APP B and get a response back to APP A using OnActivityResult(…)**.

PS: My App is actually built in React Native using NativeModules.

Hi @vishnurana, welcome to the forum community. Are you seeking help for iOS or React Native? I am not familiar with Android or React Native but may be able to help with iOS/Swift.

Hi @gdelarosa,

Primarily my app is in React Native. But for iOS part, back-end coding is written in Swift.

i.e. UI is in React Native and back-end in Swift.

Hi @vishnurana,
when you say backend in Swift, do you mean using something like Vapor, Kiturea or Perfect?

Either ways, there is one way to have that, you can invoke another app by using links that invoke google pay, now I have not worked with Google Pay, but I guess that it has a callback url when the payment has a status, success or failure. if that is the case, you can create a custom url for your app and pass that as the callback url, so when it finishes, it will invoke your app with the response parameters.


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