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Updated for 2021! In-app purchase offers additional revenue streams for developers other than the initial purchase from the App Store. This can be great for unlocking functionality, providing additional content or for in-game currency. This course covers the dance with App Store Connect, integration with StoreKit, restoration of previous purchases and receipt validation, by the end of the series you’ll have a great understanding of the concepts behind IAP.

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Could I ask whether there is an explanation of Apple Hosted content - I want to have a download of a PDF and then the ability to read it in in App. I am having great difficulty putting it all together - help!

Going through the In-App Purchase tutorial video series with Xcode 13 beta. Thanks for the tutorial, BTW!
In the Fetch Local Products session (video 10) I get a little different result when I restart the app. The purchases are persisted and the UI shows them as purchased. (I have not yet built any persistence in the app itself - I am following the tutorial to the letter) Has there been a change in Xcode 13 how the app remembers the purchases when using StoreKit configuration?