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@bdmoakley in this IAP tutorial you touched the basic of auto-renewable subscription but there is no coding attached to auto-renewable subscription, that is the only topic for that I took the Raywenderlich subscription in that specially would like to see the remaining Time period for auto-renewable subscription and implementation of promotional and introductory offer, please guide me as your training outline does not indicate that coding for auto-renewable subscription is outside of this tutorial
Many Thanks

Hi Ahmed, we’ll keep that in mind for when this course is updated. You can find a tutorial over here on the subject:

Thanks @bdmoakley for such quick response, I will try to integrate this auto-renewable subscription in your tutorial, one question though and I am sure for you it will be just a line of code, what I want to do { if Subscription validated == true → segue to another view controller} based on your tutorial can you help me or guide me with this, much appreciated.

@shabbirahmed Do you still have issues with this?

@shogunkaramazov yes I still do and I am somewhat disappointed, this was the only topic for which I purchased subscription and seems not supported, there are few basic issues with the in app purchase tutorial specially if user is trying to implement different types of subs in one app

1- Consumable and Non renewable, if user buy one all other in these categories automatically bought although each type and its member should be bought individually and app should record each type and its member individually
2- The non-renewable should not have provision of renewing within subscription period, instead it should be bought once and after expiry it should prompt user to buy it again
3- Renewing one consumable or non-renewable within expiry by ‘X’ amount of days cause all other within these types to be extended by same number of days, although each types and its member should have their own subscription and expiry record
4- The tutorial did not implement auto-renewable

You know In-App Purchase is most delicate topic and should be handled accordingly, considering all above I would suggest to update this tutorial to new edition of swift.

Thanks for consideration.


Apple released a ton of new in app purchase features and we’ll be updating the tutorial to incorporate them. We’ll also be updating the sample app to use SwiftUI instead of UIKit. There’s a lot to do with it.