In-App Purchase from within a framework

Hi everyone, today during an interview I received a strange request from a company for which I applied as a freelancer.

They have a framework that can be installed through cocoapods, all good on that part; but they asked me to add In-App Purchases within the framework, so that when a final user of an app that uses the framework wants to access the premium service of this company, the payment goes directly to the framework provider and not to the app the user downloaded.

I told them that I don’t think is possible (since the framework isn’t an app in the Appstore and therefore doesn’t have products to purchase on appstoreconnect), but they told me that they are doing it already with an older version.

Any idea if this could be done and how?, to be clear they are talking about Apple’s in-app purchases not using stripe or something similar.


@edhoru Do you still have issues with this?

No, as I’m not going to work on it, it’s just a general question

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