Import KituraOpenAPI doesn't work [Chapter 6]

Any idea about importing KituraOpenAPI? I’ve even tracked the site’s release notes: Kitura-OpenAPI/ at master · Kitura/Kitura-OpenAPI · GitHub

I get this error message: “No such module ‘KituraOpenAPI.’”

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Found the fix. The guys on the Kitura Slack channel are incredibly helpful.

Here’s what I had to do:

  1. Close XCode

  2. Open Terminal

  3. Navigate to the folder that contains your EmojiJournalServer

  4. Run this command

swift package generate-xcodeproj
  1. Open EmojiJournalServer Xcode Project

  2. Do a Clean (Command + K) (not sure if this is necessary, but why not?)

  3. Build the project and then run it.

@danjanes, thanks for providing a solution! Glad you were able to figure it out. Hope this can help others as well.