Image URLs return 404

The recipes1.json file included in chapter 10 contains URLs to some images.

Screenshot 2022-06-25 at 5.24.02 PM

One example is below.

None of these image URLs are valid anymore. They’re all returning 404.

Thanks for reporting this. We are updating the book and we’ll include a fix.


First of all, make sure the page you want to visit does exist and you typed the web address correctly.

  1. Clear the browser cache and disable extensions
    If you get the invalid URL error when trying to access a web page from a bookmarked URL, you may need to clear the browser cache and cookies.

Here’s how you can clear your cache on Chrome:

Launch Chrome and click on the Menu button
Select History and click on History again
Click on Clear browser data in the left-hand pane
Select the time range (we suggest selecting the 4-week option) and check all the three boxes to delete browsing history, cookies, and other site data and cached images and filesclear browser cache cookies chrome
Hit the Clear data button and wait until your browsing history and cache have been completely deleted.
Restart your browser and check if you’re getting the same invalid URL message. If the error is not gone, try disabling all your browser extensions.

  1. Sign out of your Google account
    Signing out of your Google account, closing the browser, and then signing back in is a true-and-tested method that can fix many Chrome browsing glitches.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a second Google account, you can use it to sign in and test if the problem persists with a different account. If it doesn’t, maybe you need to create a new Google account.

  1. Reinstall Chrome
    Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome can help you to fix various glitches related to the extensions you’re using, pop-ups, Chrome updates, browsing problems, and more.

Keep in mind that if you agree to delete the data related to your user profile when you uninstall Chrome, you will lose it. To partially retrieve it, you can enable the data syncing option and you should be able to restore some of the data associated with your deleted user profile from Google’s servers.

  1. Use a different browser
    If you’re in a hurry and you want to access the problematic URL as quickly as possible, you can switch to a different browser and check if that works.

Some websites, especially old websites that haven’t been updated in ages, may not be fully optimized for the latest browser updates and Chrome may fail to open certain web pages.

  1. Check your permissions
    If you’re getting the invalid URL error when you’re trying to access surveys or other online resources related to your work tasks, this may indicate the respective survey has not been assigned to you or that you don’t have the necessary permissions to access the respective web page.

Contact your IT admin or the document/ web page owner and ask them to check if this problem has been triggered by incomplete or missing permission settings.

Rachel Gomez

Hi Rachel, while your information is helpful it’s not the issue. As funkyboy mentioned on Jun 25, we’re updating the book and including a fix for the issue reported.


New edition of the book is here :slight_smile:

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