I'm stuck on 2.4 Core Data by Tutorial

thank you for reading
I want to post photos but cannot because i’m newby

my error message like this isn’t gone

in a file “BowTie+CoreDataProperties.swift "
on line " @NSManaged public var tintColor: UIColor?”
error message “Cannot find type ‘UIColor’ in scope”

I’ve checked related parts like these

in a file "BowTies.xcdatamodeld
custom class of Attribute tintColor

in a file “ColorAttributeTransformer”
class ColorAttributeTransformer: NSSecureUnarchiveFromDataTransformer {
override static var allowedTopLevelClasses: [AnyClass] {

would you please pull me out from the mud ?

I’ve found my error by myself.
I couldn’t read english well
and missed “import UIKit” in " BowTie+CoreDataProperties.swift"
because this line isn’t in the sample code to copy !

anyway I keep going.
thank you.

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