I just failed a interview ,need help

I have a iOS interview,and failed. I need someone to give me advice how to improve .

This company gave me a home work, one iOS project ,which only have one screen a list of time table ,which from a web service. It is very worse way and not maintainable. Let me modify it let it become maintainable,and to do some test.

I have spent a way to modify the project,and add some unit test,uitest,snapshot test,performance test,integration test. Code coverage is 98.7%

This company ‘s code reviewer still not satisfied my code,mentioned code quality not good ,lack of design pattern, don’t know any architecture

  • :x: Separation of concerns
    • There are some level of separation between VC and network layer
    • VC is 304 lines long and deals with loading, decoding and displaying of the data
    • CommonLib is used as a kitchen sink
  • Some tests are hitting the network (VC)
  • VC is in a very mutable state

:x: Code Quality (cleanliness, re-use, consistency, etc.) - Lots of commented code, inconsistent styling, print statements left in code, random white spacing between functions.

:x: Comments complex part of the code
:person_shrugging: Documents and explains the architecture - lots of documentation but didn’t talk about architecture at a high level

As I am a sole iOS developer,never worked with other iOS developer before,
Is there anyway to improve code quality and architecture area of iOS proejct

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You’ve been given the information you need to improve your code; and while this may feel overwhelming, it’s also fairly thorough. This may be a good time for you to go back to the MVC architecture (other alternatives exist, but may be overkill). I would start with separation of concerns - make the viewController display the code, and handle loading and decoding in other classes. This means that you can more easily swap in a static class for testing instead of relying on the live network.

It also sounds as if you might have a problem with side effects (modifying local variables inside of unrelated functions), so try and keep your functions pure (this is not completely possible with iOS, but you can go a long way).

If you can get a hold of AppCode you can run “Inspect Code…”. You can run it multiple times as you make improvements if need be.

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