I just don't get it

I’m still struggling with when and why I would want to add Rx to my project. The book examples were all pretty generic, and most of them worked on just a list of stuff. Can somebody please provide more real-world examples of why you add this framework to your projects?

This question may be a bit too broad for anyone to provide a specific answer. If you’re looking for a complete project based on RxSwift read the book - there are a number of project apps including a ToDo app and a Twitter client. If you want even more code, here’s a full app using RxSwift: EventKit/iOS at master · realm/EventKit · GitHub

@gargoyle Thanks very much for your question!

I personally am a fan of pure native iOS development, so I definitely empathize with your concern. However, I see learning to use RxSwift no different from using or learning something like AlamoFire:

You may not use it, or see the need for it, but many companies, and projects are utilizing it, so knowing it would be an additional skill to have which could potentially help your career. That would be my take on WHY someone would want to learn RxSwift. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!

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