I at the end of Chapter 3 of Unity Apprentice - unable to get to 'AttemptAmmunitionSpawn"

I am unable to get the link to function ‘AttemptAmmunitionSpawn’. To get the link in ‘On Click’, I had t click on the ‘None (Object)’ bullet. I gave me the link to ‘Ammunition Spawner’. But then when I clicked on ‘No Function’, I didn’t get a list of the functions of the C# Script ‘Ammunition Spawner’.

If it makes a difference, I am using an iMac.


Hi @isloman! Welcome to the forums!

It sounds like the AmmunitionSpawner component wasn’t added to the Ammunition Spawner GameObject yet, but it’s hard to tell from your description.

Can you provide the following so I can help you troubleshoot the problem?

  • A screenshot of the Ammunition Spawner GameObject in your Hierarchy
  • A screenshot of the OnClick event, the same part as you added above but on your own screen


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The issue may have been that on the iMac, I was using the Silicon version of Unity. With that version, I couldn’t get the final topic to work. When I changed to using the Intel version of Unity, the final project worked. So I’m assuming that my problem was based on the Silicon version, So I’M ignoring the problem that I had and will carry one to chapter 4, using the Chapter 3 Final project going forward.

Thanks for replying to my initial posting.

It’s good to read that you were able to solve the issue by using the Intel version of Unity! That seems like a serious bug in the SIlicon version, or it might need some other build settings, but unfortunately I don’t have a device at hand to test that theory.

In any case, be sure to let us know if you have any other issues or questions and enjoy the rest of the book!


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