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How to Submit An App to Apple: From No Account to App Store – Part 1

So you want to submit an app to Apple? This tutorial walks you through each step of the process, from having no account to being published on the App Store!

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Great post! One thing, though: Link to “Part 2” redirects to the old version of the tutorial :slight_smile:

Can you address what happens if you already have a development and distribution certificate and now create a new one by following your instructions. does it cause any issues with projects that are already done? Anything else?



You can have multiple profiles. Apple allows up to two certificates. Here is the actual language from their manuals: You can have two distribution certificates active at the same time; each
is independent from the other. The second certificate is intended to
provide an overlapping period during which you can update your apps
before the first certificate expires. When requesting your second
distribution certificate from the iOS Dev Center, be sure you don’t
revoke your first certificate.

Thanks so much for this, it helped me submit my app with no problems. It was very helpful!

You are most welcome!


Hi, I have just put an app up on the app store, but I was wondering if you knew if I have to have the developer account for the app to stay on the store. For example, I have paid the $99 for a years membership but if I don’t renew the membership in a years time will they take my app down or will it stay up there.

Pretty sure your app will be taken off the store if you don’t renew your paid membership.

Your app will not be available for download without paying the fee.

Hi, I have a few questions:

First of all, how we can have more than one team member how can publish the app into app store in a safe way? as I understood by reading apple guidelines is it possible to have up to two Distribution certificate which could be handy, but the problem is if we gave the distribution certificate file to a team member and he left the team, how we could revoke the certificate and keep updating the further release by another person?

My second question is about, how we can ask from on of the team developer to publish a beta test on apple test flight by having development certificate?

At the start of the tutorial, you state “And it may go without saying, but to develop apps, you’ll need a Mac computer, with OS X installed.” - It’s also worth pointing out that you’ll need at least one physical iOS device. In particular, XCode won’t allow you to generate an archive of your application if you’ve selected an iOS simulator in the active scheme. This is worth mentioning because the situation is different with Android development, where a real device is not required anywhere in the workflow. (Not that it’s a good idea to submit without testing on a real Android device, but one is not required.)


Thank you so much for this tutorial! I hope I am still able to get assistance with the final step in Xcode. Once reaching the build settings and checking for the provisioning profiles, I noticed they only appeared under a section called “Provisioning Profiles (Deprecated)” while nothing shows up under “Provisioning Profiles”

I’ve followed every step to this tutorial and so far everything has worked out until this very last step. Thank you so much again!


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Thank you so much for this great tutorial

Thanks for the tutorial! You mention “it’s better to have a different ID to keep your personal and professional lives separate.” Is that still the case, Is that what most developers do? I couldn’t find much discussion (pros and cons) about having a separate account for publishing app? thanks

I am simply trying to learn how to develop an app for my own use. At the moment, I do not intend to submit it to the app store and I am not a dues-paying developer. To educate myself I have tried to follow the RW tutorial, “NSTask Tutorial for OSX” that leads one through the process of building and archiving a sample app (SuperDuperApp) and then exporting to a .ipa file.

To follow the tutorial, I have had to plow around the Apple deprecation of PackageApplication and I would simply like to know if I have successfully done so. I have successfully produced the .archive file, but the last step to exportArchive to a .ipa file fails with the error message: “No valid iOS Development signing identities belonging to team My Name (Personal Team) were found.”

From hours of mousing around, I have tentatively come to the conclusion that the following advice might be true: “When exporting to a .ipa, you always need a distribution certificate based on your development team even if you use a development certificate to sign the .xcarchive.”

I have chosen to have Xcode use “Automatically manage signing.” I have specified Team: My Name (Personal Team). Provision Profile: Xcode Managed Profile. Signing Certificate shows: iPhone Developer: My Account (Certificate ID). Since the .archive step is successful and apparently requires its own signing step, I must have a valid development certificate. Since I have not plunked down the $99 fee to Apple, I do not see the screens you use in this tutorial to create distribution certificates and provisioning profiles, so I don’t see a way to correct (or even know) whatever Xcode is doing. “Automatically manage signing” should be doing all that, I thought.

Is there any (simple) known way past this problem?

I get stuck on the very last step. It says after double clicking the “provisioning profiles” i downloaded, it should be available under “Provisioning Profiles” but I don’t see it, I see two and one says deprecated.

This is the screenshot in the tutorial - https://koenig-media.raywenderlich.com/uploads/2016/03/diagram_610-700x332.png

And this is a screenshot of what I’m seeing - http://i.imgur.com/ZCStXGx.png

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. We will update it as soon as possible. Thank you! :]