How to save and send multiple device token? [Push Notifications]

I followed this tutorial and everything works fine. I’m just confused how to send a Push Notification to multiple device AND how to store the device token from, for example, 100 users?

Hi @brother,
you do that on the server end. SO first when a device registers for Push Notifications, you get the GUID (Device Token) which you use to store in a database so that you can use it later (send from the device where it is generated to the server). Then when you want to send out messages, on the Server end using APNS you select each of the GUID and send a message.


Thank you for your response @jayantvarma. So, for example I use a library like Parse as a server, right? What would you recommend?

hi @brother, what is the customer base of your app in terms of size? There are some commercial products that abstract most of this away from you and provide a quite reasonably priced service than managing your own servers.

The most convenient of them was PushWoosh, expensive one is Urban Airship and then you also have AWS SNS that has 1M messages for free and then a fee applies like $2 for 100,000 messages.

I have not used parse so would be unable to comment on that, but from what I know about parse, it could also work.


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Alright, got it. Thank you very much @jayantvarma.

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