How to retrieve CouchDB attachments from Server-Side Swift

Hi all,
Really good stuff on this site and I’ve been working with a couple of the examples.

Yet, I’m struggling on how to retrieve an attachment from a CouchDB in Swift.

I understand that CouchDB has a kind of ‘flag’ (called stub) to indicate that there is an attachment.
In the JSON structure I get back from CouchDB I can spot under the key “_attachments” metadata (Content-Type, length etc.
I know how to retrieve that attachment from the CLI (curl -X GET ip:port{id}/{attachment_file}) but I’m drawing a blind how to do it from Swift.
the code to go through the results of a database.retrieveAll() call:

    if let docs = docs {
	for document in docs["rows"].arrayValue {
	    var plaatje = [String: Any]()
	   plaatje["ordernum"]  = document["doc"]["orderNumber"].stringValue 					
	   plaatje["img"] = // what to put here?????  

Is there a method of the database instance or any other way to get the binary of the attachment?

Many thanks!


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