"How to Remember Anything Forever-ish"

Spaced Repetition

Thought I’d share this link, I found it quite interesting and it made me think of the “learn via repetition” I’ve heard @raywenderlich talk about before ( and possibly others ) I believe.

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@ceramo69 Thank you for sharing - much appreciated! :]

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@ceramo69, thanks for sharing! I like the use of an interactive comic.

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@ceramo69 Thanks very much for sharing. One thing you touched on which is a good reminder for me, and other developers is that when it comes to coding, yes, we should memorize certain rudimentary and common coding practices (e.g. setting up a network layer to connect with an API, setting up a UITableView from scratch, etc). Most developers (including myself) are spoiled using Xcode, and StackOverflow, but find it hard some times to do some basic things, or find themselves making simple mistakes when simply using pen, and paper.

Thanks again for sharing!

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