How to read realtime text from objects using Unity?

I was looking to do a project on detecting text from objects using mobile camera. Iphone preferably and later in android.Is it possible to do with OPenCV with unity or google cloud vision.Is there any api or sdk’s available for this using Unity.

I think with computer vision and AI it would be really helpful if there is some tutorials?

Hi @harisankar1, welcome to the community! Have you checked out the tutorial “Introduction to Using OpenCV with Unity” here? It may not answer your question with object detection but could be a great introduction to OpenCV and Unity. I also found these links that tie into object detection using OpenCV:


I saw one video using OpenCV with unity.I tried that tutorial.In order to do those tutorial we need to know about python and all.

I think there are many plugins available. like google cloud vision.Any idea about other plugins on how to do this project

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