How to Play Bobblehead on an iPhone?

I finished the 8 chapters and the game plays well inside Unity. But, the game will only impress if I can play it on my iPhone. I read about Build Settings > iOS, but I am assuming the book will cover this extensively at some stage.

Will building and testing on an iPhone be covered in Chapter 18: Publish Your Game?

The answer is no, the first game in the book is mouse/keyboard only. By the end of chapter 8, you can play it INSIDE Unity only.

It’s not clear whether any of the next 3 games will include Input touch/gestures so it can be played on iPhone/iPad/Android phones/tablets.

Hi Mazen, while we do cover publishing the game to iOS, the book doesn’t go into detail about touch gestures and so forth. The publishing chapter will export the Towerdefense game in both Android and iOS as well as cover things like WebGL and Unity Remote. I hope that helps!

That would be great. I can later deep-dive into gesture controls. I enjoyed the book; truly appreciated.

So BobbleHead can’t be built to run on Windows?

I’ve tried to build it, after finishing all 8 chapters, but the game doesn’t run after the Unity Splash screen. Is that meant to happen?

The game should be able to be run on Windows. What version of Unity are you using to build the game with?

Unity 2018.4.18f1 (64-bit) - it works fine in Unity but after IU build and run it, it freezes right after the Unity splash screen

image try this build it should give you an error message when you start the game if there is a problem.

No errors I’m afraid, just freezes here (right after the Unity splash screen): BBStuck

When we wrote these projects several years ago, we published them and passed them around the team. Something may have happened, or something in the code is tripping up the build in later Unity versions. We cover publishing in a later chapter so you can try applying those settings to this project.

This book is slated to be rewritten so we’re only supporting the code in the book. I’d say consider this a development challenge on getting it properly exported. You’ll learn a ton about exporting that way.


OK thanks, I’ll give it a try!

Figured it out. For anyone having issues in the future, go to File > Build

Player Settings and change the configuration to .NET 4x, image attached.

Worked for me right away afterwards! BBFix

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That’s awesome! Congratulations on solving the issue :slight_smile: