How to make better raywenderlich site

Hi guys,

we are developers, right? and we are not Graphic designers, right ? but when we create and app we have to use the graphics. because the lookAndFeel is important to create a great app.

This site, and i’ve sad million times, it’s great for we developers. before some articles was also written in some languages. there are video and written tutorial about iOS, now OS X and also Android. but there isn’t one thing that i think to be important for everyone, especially for beginners: Graphics tutorials. I’m not talking about code. that, sure, it is important. i’m talking about how to use Photoshop to create the images to use in the code to create Advanced Appearance Customization in iOS or macOS X or Android.

As some people know, I’ve updated my app and i’ve used some image to customize the graphic of my app. but today, to resolve a problem with graphics in iOS I stumbled upon this video and I realized that the graphics, or images, I used is incorrect. Unfortunately I don’t know how do you make images as they are described in the video. as the pictures, in order to then be used in the code with the methods provided by the SDK, have a particular shape and must be designed in a particular way. tutorials that explain in brief how to create graphics in photoshop made for mobile devices, such as ios or android, for the various components (navigation bars, tab bars, tool bars, buttons different), I think it’s a good thing. not only, Some others things that can be helpful are tutorials that explain things like the color theories, color combinations or various styles, such as flat style. This can help developers they have to do everything by yourself to customize their apps without having to buy graphics made by others or spend hours wandering around the internet to find things already done, or find graphic from the tab bar grainy because you arent graphics but you are only a developer. Also if you want to re-create certain styles, such as the Japanese style, you have to fulfill certain criteria. otherwise the effect or style is not. You know what I mean?
What do you think of my idea? it can be useful?