How to make an Augmented Reality application for large objects(machines)?

I am looking to develop application for large machines.Lets take an example if I have a car as an object.How to show AR on top of the car that will augment in place of car…I have done projects using Image target and Object target.How to get the car as an object target.Next time when I scan the car, AR should pop up.
What would be the perfect way to show a AR app for this purpose.I have read about using CAD data we can use it for AR apps like Vuforia and vision.

The video link
How to achieve this.
I personally think the normal AR apps will be out soon.Next everyone will be focusing on apps that have Computer Vision and AI.It is changing so fast.Need to stay with the speed but might get stuck as well.Unity tutorials and material for future apps is not that abundant.

@harisankar1 Do you still have issues with this?

@shogunkaramazov I did not get any reply.Will be helpful if I get a lead in Unity Engine itself.

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