How to import magicavoxel file

Thank you for your tutorial!
I want to know how to import 3d file that make a magicavoxel.

I know a lot of people use Blender as an intermediary - it has the ability to export DAE (Collada) files. So while magicavoxel might be the editor you’re looking for, you might need to use Blender as a converter.

But you can drag .OBJ files directly into your Unity scene - have you tried it?

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I need to more in-depth explanation step by step.

I can do better than that - here’s a video showing the process.

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What about how to import into Xcode as a .scn file?

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I don’t think you need to convert it - just create your SCN file in Xcode and drag DAE objects directly into it. But if you open a DAE file I believe you will find a “Convert to scn file format” in the Editor menu item.