How to get the price of my app in local tier and currency

Hello there,

I’m currently developing an app, that keeps track of your expenses and incomes. I thought it would be a nice touch, if the first/example entry for an expense would be the price of the app. So the user does not need to fill that out and does not get an empty app on startup.

I’m pretty sure that there is no API call for getting the AppStore price directly. What I thought of was, that I create a plist-File that stores all the prices with the locale as key (key-value). On first startup I read out the locale and get the price for it. Now I can create the first entry based on this price.

I’m not sure, if this is the best solution to solve my problem. Maybe someone has another idea, that works better!

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Cologne, Germany

Halo @murd,
Sorry for the late reply, how is your development going? Your app sounds interesting, do you have any updates for us?

If you have not found a response for your question, here is a suggestion, have you tried to get the metadata from the appstore site with the price for the appropriate locale pricing (mainly in HTML/JSON format), I have not come across any API from Apple that offers details in Swift.

so hopefully this helps you,