How to fill support url field?

I am trying to sumbit my app with app store connect. And I have to fill support url field. Can I fill it with my EMAIL or with link to page of my app on facebook. Or do i have to create a specific webstie for it?

Regularly a will contain a few nonexclusive fields that numerous respondents will reply similarly. Maybe than making clients fill in these fields, which can be dull and tedious, associations can pre-populate them with the right data so that, when clients open the structure, these fields will as of now be filled in. To do as such, associations will require the structure’s URL and the variable names related with the fields they need to fill in.

Filling in the fields of an electronic structure can be dreary and tedious. Maybe than making clients fill in those fields, associations can pre-populate the nonexclusive structure with the right data that numerous respondents will reply similarly.

This should all be possible by connecting to a particular URL that incorporates all the data you need pre-filled in the structure when clients click it.

@dafk Thanks very much for your question. Your email address should suffice. Having an actual website for your app is not obligatory.

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