How to display data in TableView using swift from WSDL file?

iam new to iOS, i understood generated swift file from the WSDL2SWIFT, in that Soap Action in empty so i can’t understand and i don’t know how to display the details in TABLEVIEW?

so please send me project using my WSDL file i.e

pass the body as follows:






           <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->























Please help me???

Hi @santhoshios,
It would not be possible for you to get a project (code) written for you.

From what I see, you are trying to parse SOAP which is in XML format, you can use a XML parsing library or use the NSXML class that is available from iOS. You can parse and create a data source that can be used with your tableview.



iam new to iOS mobile app development, iam already tried whatever you say,yet now i didn’t get,
the question is the data is coming from WSDL file(using soap) so i can we call that web service through our swift programming if we get the data we can easily parse into tableview?
if you know how to get that data from that WSDL file using our swift language…
if you got the data let me inform…
Thank you sir…

Hi @santhoshios,
There are a couple of things you need to do, you can look at the various articles available on this site.

  1. How to download data (
  2. The parse the XML using a 3rd party or yourself (
  3. How to use UITableView (



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