How to delete Core Data from Collection View?

Hello from Barcelona!

following the Core Data tutorial (and Collection Views), I have a problem when I try to delete…

In this code, Swift compiler gives me this error: “Cannot convert value of type ‘[IndexPath]?’ to expected argument type ‘IndexPath’”

let indexPath = myCollectionView.indexPathsForSelectedItems
let bullet = fetchedRC.object(at: indexPath) <<<<<<< IN THIS POINT!

Do you know what happens?

Thank you very much!

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@mcarreras What tutorial are you following exactly?

Hi shogunkaramazov!

I am following “Beginning Core Data” (PetPal App example), after complain the tutorial "Beginning Collection Views ". But the delete option in Core Data is not developed in tutorial “Beginning Core Data”.

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myCollectionView.indexPathsForSelectedItems is returning an optional array of IndexPaths. That’s what [IndexPath]? means.

fetchedRC.object(at:) expects a single IndexPath, not an array.

So do something like

if let paths = myCollectionView.indexPathsForSelectedItems, paths.count > 0 {
   let indexPath = paths[0]  //get first path
   let bullet = fetchedRC.object(at: indexPath)
  // ...

Hi Sgerrard,


I’ll try your suggested code… I’ll give you feedback.

best regards,

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