How to change images and colors of a custom framework?

Hello, what would be the best way for enabling to edit UI elements(images, colours) of my framework inside the app? For instance my framework has 3 VC and several storyboards. How can I enable such functionality that an app which installs my framework can change images or edit colours? In android I just attach XML files and the owner of an app can edit them and they will override xml files inside of my library. How can I do that in the IOS? It is a must to have. Again this community is the best :wink:

hi @wellbranding,
You have to have some settings in your framework that

  • read from a config file for colors, etc
  • use an initialiser to set the color across the framework
  • Provide a method for users to provide the colors, etc when a component is initialised

there are several methods it all depends on your implementation and how you allow your users to use this.


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