How to buy products from store?

How can i buy book from store. when i open store it has list of books. i click on any book to buy, have option to “add to cart” but when i enter cart i can see my selected book but you need to select country. my country is “India”.

How can i buy product ??

I’ve passed your message along. Hopefully you’ll get some useful advice soon.

how much more time it will take to provide solution ?? please let me know.

Hi @amanjuneja,

Sorry for the confusion here! On the drop down list of countries, there are about 20 at the top of the list, but then if you scroll down past these, the alphabetizing begins again and then you’ll find India listed there.

Not sure why they are listed this way as it confused me too looking at it. I’ll contact FastSpring and ask about why this is, but if you scroll down more, then you should be able to complete your order. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you @csweigart for taking care of all this - much appreciated! :]