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How To Become a Freelance Software Developer

Do you want to become a freelance software developer? Here's some battle-won advice by successful freelancers on how to do so.

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Minor detail: Elance and Upwork are one and the same. ODesk merged with Elance to form Upwork.

Hi! As you are from Poland, english is not your native language. As communication skills are very important, poor english could be a problem. What advices can you give to get work with native english speakers ? or How dow manage to improve your conversational english o what do you recomend for that matter?

Thanks from Argentina.

@masrta: If you have good writing/reading knowledge, try to limit your conversations with clients to email and chats (and related).

The only way to acquire confidence is to speak it, possibly with native speakers.
If you have friends (better if doing the same job as you), start talking in English - that should probably give more fluency, although it doesn’t help with pronunciation. But that way you get used to speak without “thinking” in your native language first.

Also, I highly recommend watching movies/series in English, both American and British (maybe not at the same time).

Last… attend courses, with native speakers. Speaking and listening is very important.
There are also several online services where you can talk with other people… never used but just heard, it might be worth doing a search.

hello, I appreciate so much to as a freelance. Could we communicate with twitter? zgpeace@gmail.com

@zgpeace You mean twitter or email? In the former case, my id is ant_bello