How many instances is too many instances?

Long story short - I want to make an yelp-like app. I wanted to use CloudKit, but so far all of my test-apps respond incredibly slow - 3/4 seconds reading 5, one string recordType. I’ve asked this community, stackoverflow, reddit, and facebook communities and haven’t been able to receive a response regarding faster cloudkit fetches. Therefore, I am simply thinking of creating a struct and manually creating & locally saving the info on a user device. However, with each struct instance containing: Name, address, menu, hours, ambiance, reservation, website, press, and other etc., how many instances would you say is too many instances? 50/100/200/500? I would have 250 max. However, what are opinions?

Well you would have to use Instruments to detect performance drops across different devices. Im not sure what your problem creating and using instances is. You might want to look into tutorials that tweak performance. You need to find out what is causing your app to behave slowly before attempting to look for a solution.

For example, it could be as simple as loading and unloading objects based on when they are brought onscreen.

I’m fully capable of creating instances - I was more wondering if 250 instances with around 10 string values would be too much for on-device data. Also, what tests would you recommend that I use to judge CloudKit fetch times?