How dtrace work in ReactiveCocoa?

I see some .d file in ReactiveCocoa 2.5, like RACSignalProvider.d, and the compiler will automatically generate a header file(RACSignalProvider.h) which name is equal to the .d(RACSignalProvider.d) file.

As I know,

  1. .d file(RACSignalProvider.d) defines some probes, and we use some script to trigger them.
  2. dtrace is work on iOS Simulator, not for iOS Device

so my question is

  1. what’s the meaning of the automatically generated header file?(RACSignalProvider.h) , why I need this file?
  2. how does .d file work in reactive cocoa, especially on iOS Device? who defines the probe? how to tell the system this probe? how to trigger these probe, and anyone can describe the whole workflow?

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