How do you chance your email address in the profile area?

I am guessing i am being stupid but i want to chance me email to an account i use more frequently. thanks for any tips

Log into the site, click your name in the upper right, and click “My Account”:

Then go to the profile tab, and in the Email section enter your new email address, and then click “Change Email”:

Finally, check your email for a confirmation email and click the link. I hope that helps! :]

Thanks very much i think the fact the email log in and the forums are not fully connected confused me thanks sorted now

Quick question, why did you opt of auth0 as opposed to built-in auth? (also sign in with GitHub/Gmail feels pretty absent here)

(Sam from Discourse)

Hey @samsaffron,

Behind the scenes, and with some new stuff coming in the near future, our platform is made up of smaller, separate apps. However, we wanted this to be transparent to the end user so needed a centralised account provider that could be shared amongst all the individual apps. We opted against using Google et al because we had a legacy account system that was tied to users’ purchases, and when we moved to the new system we needed to be able to migrate the existing data so we could maintain purchase history etc., and Auth0 provides the ability to do this.

We also wrote a plugin for Discourse that transparently logs you in if you’re already logged in to any other of the apps, such as (which is currently based on Wordpress). You can try this by logging into, and then heading over to