How do I find the best outsourcing company for mobile app development?


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You can try to search in google for the best mobile application companies, and you will get a bunch of results. Lots of outsourcing out there.

Many organizations opt to outsource mobile app development rather than using an in-house team. As we discussed in our post on hiring an app development firm vs. using an internal development team, the reasons for this vary, but the decision is made to use a third-party. But even after the decision to hire an external team is made, there are still many options available when it comes to mobile app outsourcing.

This is a guide for companies that want to outsource mobile app development. It will go over the different routes available, the specific considerations involved with each avenue, and the associated pros and cons. At the end of this article, you will be able to make a more informed decision on which mobile app outsourcing option best aligns with your needs.

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The Options For Outsourcing Mobile App Development
Companies that choose to outsource mobile app development will find during the vendor selection process that there are many options available to them. Below are the most common:

Boutique Mobile App Development Firms
Firms in this category, like Clearbridge Mobile, focus specifically on mobile app development rather than offering it as an ancillary service. These firms typically:

Employ an agile development methodology
Emphasize product strategy and UX/UI design
Have strong technical capabilities and specialized platform knowledge

Even within this category, you will find a broad range in quality. Aspects including specific technical expertise, experience, proven ability to deliver, project complexity, team size and more will vary significantly.

Depending on the needs of your business and the requirements of your project, you may want to research aspects like the vendor’s past clients and projects; their experience with specific technologies or features similar to what you need developed; team size and location; and the complexity of projects that they have delivered.

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Big App Development Firms
These firms are typically branches of large multinationals – think IBM or Accenture. The majority of technology and software companies offer mobile app development as a secondary service to other core business functions. Their strengths include:

Consultation and product strategy
Strong technical expertise and development capabilities
Often employ an agile development methodology (though not always)

These firms, while highly capable, have disadvantages which may include:

Lack of responsiveness and flexibility needed to meet client needs
Inability to ramp-up quickly, which is a key consideration for companies with time-sensitive projects
Less attentiveness to clients than you would find with smaller firms

The big development firms also typically charge the most, which is another factor companies will want to consider when outsourcing app development to a third party.

Independent Developers

Mobile is in high demand, and there are plenty of talented developers out there. Independent developers typically have strong technical skills, and many of them even work at firms that build mobile products and freelance as a side job. They are typically significantly cheaper than alternative options, with the exception of offshore firms.

However, if you outsource app development to an independent developer, you will typically find gaps that can affect the overall quality of your product, including:

UX/UI design competency
Product strategy/discovery
User and market research
Platform specialization (typically, but not always, independent developers will specialize in only one platform like iOS or Android)
Ability to leverage knowledge/experience of a team to fill knowledge gaps

Offshore Firms
The decision to outsource mobile app development to an offshore firm is generally made due to budgetary constraints. These firms are significantly cheaper; however, there are many caveats that come with the cost savings. Offshore firms tend to fall short in a number of significant areas, including:

  • Technological and design standards
  • Overall quality of work
  • Ability to actually deliver
  • Adequate security and IP protections
  • Cultural understanding to successfully build for target markets outside of their region
  • Responsiveness/communication due to large time differences

Off-the-shelf Solutions

Opting for an off-the-shelf solution is quite a bit different than any of the options we’ve mentioned so far, and typically isn’t grouped in with mobile app outsourcing per se. These aren’t custom solutions, but rather out-of-the-box platforms that can sometimes be white-labeled. E-commerce is a great example of an area where off-the-shelf solutions have seen widespread use. And they do come with a number of advantages, such as:

  • Feature-richness
  • Quick deployment
  • Typically lower upfront costs compared to custom app development
  • Built-in maintenance, or ability to purchase maintenance

However, opting for an off-the-shelf solution for your mobile app outsourcing needs also comes with a number of downsides, which include:

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I can advise the company on which I ordered software development for an industry such as healthcare. The company did my order fairly quickly and efficiently, for which I am very grateful. The main plus was that one of their designers came up with a pretty cool idea for the feedback we outlined in our program. I rate Inoxoft 5 stars.

I’m currently looking for a reliable and skilled software development team because I had a couple of bad experiences before. Considering outsourcing for complex long-term project with flexible professional assistance, as do not feel the need to invest in full-time staff.

There are many companies with a vast experience. Today, most projects are outsourced considering these two factors. But many a times the two selection parameters backfire the client side companies and they have to redevelop and/or revise project. This further increases project costs to the level of home country. To avoid this I would recommend following strategies:

  1. Quality Control:

Please check what efforts the development company takes for creating better quality of the app.
Always select a development company which gives importance to quality testing and consider it as separate activity.

2. Legal status:

Check legal status of the development company.

3. Support:

It is normal for applications to face post-development issues, which need to be rectified.

4. Select developers and not coders:

Coding and development are different activities. You can find coders easily everywhere. But developers are really genius and difficult to find. Just coding experience doesn’t make anyone a developer.

5. Compatibility:

Mobile devices and OS version mostly affects mobile app development projects. Many a time app fails just because it has been tested for compatibility with only few versions and devices.

Hello there,
I think you can try toptal, upwork or freelancer. I also read this interesting blog about How to hire freelance software developer -

The best companies use the newest technologies that make software development cheaper, faster, and the quality of such products will be high.
As an example, Cleveroad started doing mobile apps in Flutter, which makes it possible to create an application for two platforms at once - iOS and Android.
Development time is reduced, the price becomes less, and the customer is always satisfied.

The top mobile app development companies have their portfolio and case studies listed on their website. They also educate their readers with the latest and trending technological updates on their websites.
Space-O Canada is such a company. Their application development expertise has always made their clients’ lives easier.

You can simply search on google by typing the exact category or contact Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for the best web and apps development services.

There are listing and review websites available dedicatedly for the IT industry services. From web development to mobile app development and web designing, you can find top companies sorted in different orders of criteria provided by the users. Moreover, there is a keyword-based listing of websites, so once you Google the term, you will get to that. However, to find the best mobile app development company, I would recommend cross-checking the profile on platforms like LinkedIn

World abounds with mobile software development companies with mostly being interested in outsourced projects. Normally mobile app development projects are outsourced from developed countries to developing countries. The main purpose is to save costs due to large availability of developers in these countries.
There are many companies with good clientele and a vast experience. Today, most projects are outsourced considering these two factors. But many a times the two selection parameters backfire the client side companies and they have to redevelop and/or revise project. This further increases project costs to the level of home country.

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Identifying a good IT company for the mobile apps development is not a cakewalk. One need to consider many factors while choosing an IT firm that can deliver the expected stuff in term of user experience and revenue generation. Choose the Mobile App Development Companies Based on Customers’ Reviews and Feedback, Security of the App Idea, Effective Delivery Management, App Designing Standards, Trusted QA and Testing Measures. Choosing the services from right mobile app development companies is a big investment and that is why it is important to invest the money in the right direction.

I have the same question on my mind. Maybe google it, you’ll get a bunch of results there.

You have to find out some companies list which is offering the best and trusted mobile app development services. You can take the help of quora and other discussion forums. If we say although there are many app and web development companies on google but we have to carefully choose one of the best from them.

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The range of quality among different outsourced mobile app development firms can be vast. Sometimes it’s worth shopping around and doing your homework before picking a company to work with for the long haul, but we’ve done that research for you!

The best outsourced mobile app development companies in the USA are as listed below. These are well-known international outsource companies all offer highly competent and dependable options:

  1. Simpalm : Simpalm is one of the leading mobile app development companies in the USA. Simpalm is an expert in developing native and hybrid apps, responsive web apps, and Backend cloud servers.

  2. ChopDawg : ChopDawg is an emerging IT solution provider in the Seattle, Washington DC and Philadelphia area. The company has more than 10 years of experience in mobile and web app, blockchain and AI development.

  3. iTechArt: iTechArt is one of the leading and one-stop custom software and mobile app development companies in the USA. iTechArt has a team of 1300+ engineers experienced in mobile app, website and custom software development.

  4. Eight Bit Studios: Eight Bit Studio is a Chicago based app development company that works for clients of all sizes. Eight Bit Studio mash-up UX design and technology to create people-friendly apps.

  5. Blue Label Labs: Blue Label Labs is dedicated to working for startups, entrepreneurs, and middle-level enterprises.Blue Label has an expert team of mobile & web developers and marketers.


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