How can app add on iTunes connect?


One of my app is uploaded on mobile store, then after some months I have add new build but did not submit that build for review.
Now I updated my app with new designs and lots of changes. and I wanted to upload this new version on store. But I don’t know how to add app.

Because when I click on iTunes Connect —> My Apps — > App Store —> + VERSION OR PLATFORM, it shows only tvOS and iOS is disabled.
So now, how can I remove app from Waiting for Upload and how can I add new build ?

Here you can see :

Please note that also I wanna change screenshots, description and other app details.

I have read all documents provided by Apple Inc., but I didn’t found any option….related my scenario.

  1. App Store Connect - Support - Apple Developer
  2. App Store Connect - Support - Apple Developer
  3. App Store Connect - Support - Apple Developer
  4. App Store Connect - Support - Apple Developer

If anyone knows, please let me know.


Hi Vimipatel,

You cannot remove waiting for upload. you will not find “iOS” enabled in the above screenshot until and unless 1.4 version is ready for sale.

You can change screenshots and update app description when your app is in “Waiting for upload” state. once you change any of screenshots or app description “save” button will get enabled u can save changes and submit after uploading iPA.