How advanced do you think augmented reality can get?

As we move ahead with technology, AR technology has already changed a lot of perspectives in our lives. There are many milestones that it has to reach in order to become a common technology.
Now, AR technology is being used in games like Pokemon Go, apps like Snapchat and Instagram from Meta. But in a few years, it will be used as a normal day-to-day app as AR will be inculcated in all the industries. For example, e-commerce websites will utilize AR for virtual Trial rooms in order to decrease the return rates. Educational institutes will be utilizing it for teaching students about difficult concepts through practical virtual; training.
These can be achieved through AR apps and experience development. AR apps and experiences can be developed through an AR platform. One such amazing platform is PlugXR that allows users from any domain to create apps that are easy to create without any codes. Create your first AR experience and application with PlugXR.