Help with Battery Life of paired device (Counterpart)

I was having trouble with my iPhone charging, so I wanted to see the battery life on my watch. Similar to the app that is already out.

It seemed easy at first, but with Swift (new to me, but I have done a few months worth) and Apple Watch kit being 4th generation. I am able to keep the Watch UI updated as long as the app is running in the background. I can do a background fetch and sometime in the future the watch will get the message.

I need some direction on how to get the “Counterpart” data which is mentioned in a lot of thread. I would love to get AirPods battery life, watch battery life, etc, directly from the Kit extension and not the iOS app.

Any direction would be appreciated. I bought the black friday all books deal, so that is what is kit starting me in this direction. I have read chapter 16 like 10 times to get the concept. I had a similar one working with Watch OS1 in Xcode, so I have done it before, but not without an iOS app pairing.

Thank you

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