Help,help,I Cannot play video courses

I just subscribed to the video courses, but unfortunately, I cannot play them.
I Cannot play video courses.27%20PM

Hi @yanggz,

Thanks for the screenshot. Looks like there are some unexpected error messages showing up in the console. We will investigate this issue.

In the meantime, would you be able to provide me with the version of Safari you are using as well any plugins that you have installed that might affect this? If you do not wish to post that information here, feel free to email us at with this information.

If possible, would you be able to try a different browser and see if it works for you?

Sorry for the trouble this may be causing.



I installed all the latest version of the browser can not play. include chrome,firefox and safari。
When I just bought it, I could play it normally.

Hi @yanggz

I’ve been taking a closer look at this, but have been unable to see the same error message in the console that you see, and have not been able to reproduce the issue you are encountering.

Would you be able to please try again? Please take a look at the “Network” tab in the Web Developer console and see if there are any resources that fail to load.

When you use other browsers, do you see any error messages in those javascript consoles?