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I have read over your work about hooks. I am desperately trying to find a work around since Codius/moneyd was taken offline. The reason is because I want to use the interoperability, be able to switch tokens threw ILP instead of having to go threw an exchange.

Somehow they are apparently still using it One Loop For All: Driving Financial Inclusion Through Interoperable Payments Platforms - Mojaloop and they are working off interledger, linking to rafiki GitHub - interledger/rafiki: An open-source, comprehensive Interledger service for wallet providers, enabling them to provide Interledger functionality to their users.

As you can see I am really interested in this and Iā€™m completely lost without the use of Codius/moneyd.

This is what I have landed on, GitHub - interledgerjs/ilp-connector: Reference implementation of an Interledger connector. or GitHub - justmoon/interledgerjs: Interledger.js Monorepo . This is how it would be accessed from command line 6 - Send | Developers

The next thing I have to do is make everything work with a hardware wallet, specifically a ledger.

Thank you, trying to see what you guys have in thoughts. I also have an open project on upward https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~01b42673f8d5a44ab9 . Im more than happy to pay for your time.

Watch the video below that deals with real-time and corporate-level programming -based interview questions and answers. The complexity of a given piece of code has to do with just how complicated and 2048 cupcakes unwieldy it is for a developer to understand**. This idea makes intuitive sense. For example, the picture at the top of the article is way more complex than, say, a picture of a single rose on a white background.