Git: Third Party Dependencies with Submodules | Ray Wenderlich

In this screencast, you'll learn how to add and remove third party dependencies by way of Git submodules.

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edit: all is cool now

just letting you know, this seems to be the exact same video as the previous one:wink:

I really don’t understand the point of accelerated videos… What’s the difference between 5 minutes or a 10 minutes screencast? I watch to learn and this way it makes this task very difficult and annoying.
If I want to watch faster, there’s already the speed control in the video player.

@rbarbosa Our screencasts are intended for advanced developers who don’t have a lot of time. The thought is you watch the video to get the general idea, then download the source if you want to look at it in more detail.

This is in contrast to our courses, which are at a slower pace and meant to be followed along with. I take it you prefer the course format?

@rwenderlich Thanks for your answer. My complaint is about the speed of the video showing the screen. As it can be seen in many other screencasts, that doesn’t happen.
But maybe that’s my problem…I guess I’ll never be an advanced developer.

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