Getting Started With Flutter | Kodeco, the new

Dive into the Flutter framework, which lets you build iOS, Android, web and desktop apps with a single codebase, by writing a cross-platform app using VS Code.

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Just a note, the GitHub API URL is out of date since the raywenderlich org is deprecated. It should be β€œ” instead


Thanks for a great tutorial, @suragch! I really like how you can give the material to students.

Additionally I want to say that this article is still actual even for Flutter 3.10 with minor update about theming when instead of:

theme: ThemeData(primaryColor:, 

you can use more modern approach:

theme: ThemeData(
    useMaterial3: true,
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I like the new colorSchemeSeed too. It’s a lot easier to deal with than the old way way.

(I haven’t been involved in the article updates as much as I used to be, but whoever updates the article next should see your comment.)

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