GameplayKit by Tutorials Book

A GamePlayKit by Tutorials Book

Good day.

I read the Swift Apprentice and most of the 2D Games. Fantastic Books! :slight_smile:

I would like you to consider create a GameplayKit by Tutorials Book.

Its really a shame the almost none existent documentation on how to implement the GameplayKit API.

I only found a couple here on your website and one video in youtube.

Covering all the topics a not only Entities and State Machines but also Rule Systems, Desicion Trees and integration with Xcode (shown in the WWDC 2016 but not taught enough)

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Hi guys.

I’m agree with hcastellanos22. In the first version of the book you introduce GameplayKit. This is a fantastic tool you must retake in a tutorial’s book. I am trying to use it in my new games, but it is always good to have new tutorials from you.

Totally agreed. Would love to see more in-depth tutorial on GameplayKit

+1 for GameplayKit by Tutorials Book, hard to find good detailed explanation of this topic

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+1 for this as well. I’ve read the 2D and 3D game by tutorial books and wish there was more content and examples. I like learning about game development and those books were great, hope to see more.

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@hcastellanos22 @juanmunoz @luckybob @paxer @maximilian Thank you for your suggestion - much appreciated! I will definitely forward it to the book team.