From Sqlite to Cloudkit

Hi All Devs,

I looked quite hard but not a lot seem to have the issue I encounter:
My App uses for data storage SQLite. When I started around 12 years ago with my App I really couldn’t grasp CoreData and so decided to store all the data in SQLIte.
That was also a lot to do since I needed to code all the nice loads/save routines but I knew SQL from earlier so I gave it a shot.
Worked out well … but now its time to include data syncing between devices.

And here it starts: I read through the tutorials and I get it, but that would mean I have to:

  • understand the CoreData/CloudKit Stuff finally
  • include data models for CoreData/CloudKit
  • write data converter routines to get the data from SQLite and store in the CloudKit

What I want is just a file based sync ala Dropbox but on iCloud.
Is there no easy way to achieve that?

Thanks for any hint,

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CoreData is not as complicated as it may initially seem - at least not the concepts. And you will see that building the models graphically has some planning advantage. The automated sync process is really good, and you don’t need to worry much about the connectivity itself. That said, there are lots of weird things seen in CoreData that will leave your head scratching. I recommend the RW tutorials, they will hand-hold you through the learning process. Checkout: Getting Started with CoreData

Please note that you don’t need CloudKit, unless you are using Apple’s data storage services.

Also note that CoreData uses under the hood SQLite, but it does its own Object-Relational mapping, which won’t make much sense when you are looking at the underlying tables in your Simulator or device.

Lastly, note that CoreData isn’t the only solution out there, there are lots others like:

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