Flutter Apprentice: to improve chapter 18

I finished chapter 18, build and release iOS App. I must say that this whole book is amazing, but chapters 1 and 18 were that ones that gave me the most troubles. I know nothing about Flutter, Dart and Xcode when I started.

Chapter 18 is mostly about Xcode and App Store and I can understand that it’s not easy for a guru who knows everything about Xcode to extract only what is relevant to Flutter. As a newbie and having succeeded to finish chapter 18, I’d like to contribute with 3 suggestions.

  1. Overview diagram of the signing and publishing workflow
    Flutter diagrams-4

  2. Zoom in the diagram of the signing workflow itself
    Flutter diagrams-3

  3. Reorganized chapters, how I organized the chapter’s topic in my working notes
    Flutter diagrams-5

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