Fetch a name from core data and print it

I am trying to fetch a core data string from binary data. I am trying to use func getText to do this but I am getting an error stating Type of expression is ambiguous without more context at let imageData = Person[textNo].name!. I also have the singleton. I would like to print ideally the first saved name in core in the debug section. The data saves fine.

**extension** Person {

**@nonobjc** **public** **class** **func** fetchRequest() -> NSFetchRequest<Person> {

**return** NSFetchRequest<Person>(entityName: "Person")


**@NSManaged** **public** **var** name: String?

**@NSManaged** **public** **var** ssn: Int16


class ViewController: UIViewController {
 func getText(textNo:Int) {
        // first check the array bounds
        let info = helpText.shareInstance.fetchText()
        if info.count > textNo {
            if let imageData = Person[textNo].name!
            } else {
                // no data
                print("data is empty Textss")
        } else {
            // image number is greater than array bounds
            print("you are asking out of bounds")

  func save(name: String, ssn : Int16) {
    let person = CoreDataManager.sharedManager.insertPerson(name: name, ssn: ssn)
    if person != nil {
  override func viewDidLoad() {
    // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.
      save(name: "joe", ssn: 3343)}

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