Fastlane Tutorial for Android: Getting Started |

Learn how to use fastlane to automate tasks like generating screenshots, updating metadata for your Android apps and uploading apps to the Play Store.

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@nisrulz @ericwastaken Great content! Maybe something similiar using TeamCity and Kotlin DSL, Gradle will be also considered? I think many people are using such combination

Hi @tabks,

Thank you for your words.

Could you elaborate on your suggestion. I don’t quite understand it properly :sweat_smile:
Are you suggesting using fastlane in combination with TeamCity while using Kotlin DSL for Gradle configuration?

@nisrulz meant combination of TeamCity (as a CI server) which can use Kotlin DSL as a configuration ( with just an Android project (which uses Gradle). So in the Android project we configure in Gradle using Groovy (or Kotlin DSL) distribute app to AppCenter/Firebase AppDistribution, publication to Play Store, static code analysis (detekt/ktlint/lint) etc. :slight_smile:

@tabks Got it.

Yes now it makes more sense. Interesting point. We can look into that setup, since this looks interesting. I haven’t used TeamCity, but I don’t think that should be a blocker. I am more used to working with CircleCI, TravisCI and Bitrise CI.

Thank you for bringing it up :smile:

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