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Hi Brian, I am at Build and packaging lesson and now I am stuck with this error. I tried all possible solutions I can find online but no luck.

command “fastlane gym”


Thanks for the screenshot :slightly_smiling_face:. One good bet would be to make sure you’ve added export_xcargs: "-allowProvisioningUpdates" to your call to gym. You can read more about this in the here in the Fastlane Docs.

Hi Brian, yes that works. I was able to build and uplaod in testflight but only once. I comeback with the same issues :frowning:

I’m using match to handle it all for certificate but this code signing is not consistent. I will continue my studies with fastlane in a bit and give you more details on my issues.

Thank you for responding.

@brian_bee here is my current issues while executing this “fastlane build_appstore”

Error Domain=IDEProfileQualificationErrorDomain Code=5 “Provisioning profile “match AppStore agency.dio.prototype” doesn’t include signing certificate “Apple Distribution: Dio Development (ZV4S8CAGM3)”.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Provisioning profile “match AppStore agency.dio.prototype” doesn’t include signing certificate “Apple Distribution: Dio Development (ZV4S8CAGM3)”., IDEDistributionIssueSeverity=3, IDEProfileQualificationError_MissingCerts={(

Thanks for letting me know, Cyrus. The most recent error you’re reporting is similar to this issue. Taking a cue from that issue, I’d suggest taking a careful read through the fastlane troubleshooting guide if you haven’t already done so (this is a great resource for all things match, gym and code signing related).

In the issue cited, it looks like the problem stems from the original poster’s not having created a dedicated account for fastlane match | gym, and also not nuking their pre-existing signing assets. You’ll likely remember that these steps are included in our course, but I describe them as optional, following fastlane’s documentation. While that’s technically true, in a case like yours, I’d suggest following these optional steps if at all possible.

I’d also take a look near the bottom of this fairly lengthy issue, as the original poster lays out the exact steps that resolved this issue for them. Together with the above, that might point the way to your solution. I can pretty promise you that in spite of these persnickety issues, that the fastlane tools and workflow are solid, so don’t lose faith…

Last: If nothing above resolves your problem, your next step would be to submit a fastlane issue. This is the best (read: “only” :slight_smile:) way to get your complete fastlane issue and environment attention from the fastlane team itself. If you do this, let me know, and I’ll also be happy to alert the fastlane team to your issue and do what I can to make sure you get whatever help you need.

Good luck! :+1: