Errata for Unity Apprentice 1st Edition

Creating this topic to catch any typos and bugs in the 1st Edition of Unity Apprentice.

Not a typo, but the Chapter 4 Starter project does not flow with the book. It seems to be the same as the Chapter 3 Starter project in which you add the environment and other prefabs to the Hierarchy and configure them. I’m going to assume the Chapter 3 Final project would serve as the Starter for 4, but did not load it to see. Simply continuing into Chapter 4 having completed everything in Chapter 3 and it flows.

Hi, thanks for bringing this issue up!
Do you get particular error when you tried to load the final project of chapter 3 or the starter of chapter 4? The final project of chapter 3 and the starter of chapter 4 should be almost identical, so it’s true that you should be able to continue with the project from chapter 3 into chapter 4 like you said.


No error other than the confirmation of new Editor version when loading for the first time, and the associated warning that goes with it. The Unity projects supplied with the book materials are all built with Unity 2020.3.26f1, I’m using 2020.3.32f1.

I have gone back and re-downloaded the book materials just to be sure nothing has been updated and nope, all still the same, dated for March 29.

Loading the Chapter 3 Final project, it’s incomplete. The WeaponForge scene has to be moved to the Hierarchy and it’s a few steps short of what the final version ends up being. The couple script changes and component linkings are not there to finalize the UI operation or animation of the conveyor belt texture. The gear rotation script we create is not present in the downloadable materials so not there for the “final” project.

Chapter 4 Starter project looks like an exact copy of the incomplete Chapter 3 Final.

Chapter 5 Starter begins work with a new scene and assets so is not a continuation. It does not match the book either. All the assets seem to be there and I could bring the desired to scene to the Hierarchy. There is a Main Camera object already present in the project, which the book starts without one and has the reader create it. Other lighting does not match up with how it starts in the book.

That is as far as I’ve delved into this book at this time. I have not used Unity in a few years, but have a large Unity project starting in the near future. I figured I would run through this book as a refresher course. So far it’s working fine for that purpose and the book itself seems to be well put together for a first edition. So far the issue is the downloadable materials/ Unity projects, do not align properly and I could see where this would be a stumbling block for those who are truly new to Unity.

I plan to give Chapters 6 & 7 a look tonight.

So here is some weirdness, perhaps in a good way. I had re-loaded Chapter 3 Final and Chapter 4 Starter projects after re-downloading the support files. No difference. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but just I re-loaded the Chapter 5 starter after having re-downloaded all the materials, since I had not done so, and it seems to align better with the book. The Main Camera object is not present to start (which now matches the book) and the lighting seems to match – some lighting that was there is not there now, which is good, so the Dining Hall is dimly lit to match the book. The Scene View is still not the same to start with as what is shown in the book.

The weirdness is that no updates are shown on GitHub since I first downloaded or since the materials went live on March 29. I originally downloaded on the 29th or shortly after when notice of the new book came out. It’s just taken me until this weekend to sit down and work on it.