Errata for UIKit Apprentice, 1st Edition

Creating this topic to catch bugs and typos for the 1st edition of UIKit Apprentice.


In Section 3: My Locations, Chapter 25: The Tag Location Screen, there’s a part about changing the content resistance priority for the address label. In the explanation, it says we need to increase the “vertical” value however the next bulleted instruction says change horizontal value. Not exactly sure if the vertical bit was a typo, so just bringing it to your attention.Screenshot 2020-12-19 at 11.08.17 AM (2)


Yes, it’s a typo. It should have been “horizontal” instead of “vertical”. Thank you for reporting this :slight_smile: I’ll fix it for the next release of the book.

Chapter 33. Section: Change the look of the app, 4th bullet point says:

“Change the Appearances dropdown for the new color set in the Attributes Inspector to Any. This will change your available color choices to one.” This should say None.

Thank you for the report. Fixed for the next release :slight_smile: