Errata for tvOS Apprentice v1.0

This topic is for bugs, typos, and other mistakes in tvOS Apprentice v1.0.

Archived errata thread:

In Chapter 4: Intermediate TVML on page 86 under adding new attributes for the ratingCard selection, I believe the title should be added via a data attribute to mimic the prior behavior from Chapter 3:

<ratingCard template="videoRating.tvml" presentation="modal" data='{"title": "Rate Video"}'>

Without it, there is no title on the modal videoRating screen.

In Chapter 12 (Navigation) I keep getting a crash when adding the split view controller (around page 247), on a project I’ve build all the way from chapter 10, seems like a bug in Xcode (IBAppleTVTool going 100% CPU load).
But running the final version of the project works.

XCode 7.3

Perhaps have a look at a way of implementing it earlier, before the Interface Builder gets too heavy ? somehow working around this bug.
(Hope it’s ok to post this kind of feedback as well here)

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Thanks for the feedback all! Version 1.1 is out, so closing this thread and starting a new one for v1.1.