Enhancing Your UI

In section two of this book, we were made to refactor our codes into modules.However upon reaching section 3 of this book, enhancing your ui, the source code for this chapter have been refactored back to the old way without any explanation why this was done. Refactoring the code back to app and getting rid of the module is not a problem as done in section 3.However I want just to know why.
or is it because the book focuses solely on each section and by doing that will make it look like section 2 has been carried to section 3?
I am not using the starter provided by the source code. I am building it so I can find and fix errors myself.Any help will be highly appreciated

That’s a good question honestly I haven’t gotten that far into the book. I’ve been slacking a bit hehe but from what I’ve seen the book tends to start fresh with each chapter having its own project.
The book does say in Chapter one that one app (PetSave App) will be used throughout the book but the pattern seems to be starting from scratch with every chapter.
This is also the pattern from the other books I’ve read from this publisher as well.
Maybe @ricardoc, @subhrajyotisen, or @kotireddy555 can provide some insights on this.

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@rcosteira are we right to assume that the starting from scratch is so that readers can jump around the book if they choose to?

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Hello all! Yes, you should start with the starter project for each chapter, since some of the starters have differences when compared to the final project of the corresponding previous chapter.
@robertomachorro that is correct. Although some chapters (like the first section’s chapters, for instance) follow a logical path, it’s totally OK to jump around if you want to. Starter projects make that possible.

On a final note, don’t be alarmed if the projects between sections (or even some chapters) are completely different. That’s because in order to speed up the writing, we authors started with the same base project, that we then adapted to the needs of each chapter. So it doesn’t matter if the projects are different between chapters, as they will still allow you to focus on the chapter’s topic.

TL;DR: Always start with the starter project and you’ll be fine, even if you want to jump around! :]